Sheltie Nation

Hot Dog!

…and a wet dog!


Ollie is so silly, kerfuffle!

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  1. My shelties love the chase the hose too. I have never been lucky enough to get such a great shot though. Looks like you have a great summer ahead!

  2. GREAT shot!!!

  3. Happy International Sheltie Day!

  4. Well, aren’t we just having way too much fun? Great action shot, I love all the little “spiky mohawks” on the belly. Our wet baby’s can certainly come up with some of the craziest hair dos, but that only adds to their personalities!

  5. Great action shot! I hope this cooled him off.

  6. Classic! Shelties love to bite at the water.

  7. That boy can jump! What a great shot!

  8. Pure Joy! LOL! Great action shot!

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