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I Love Working From Home

I caught Jack working on the laptop!


No way, Rachel. He’s surfing Sheltie Nation! ;)

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  1. What a cutie, I bet Jack gets all his work done in record time!

  2. Looking for a rescue Sheltie female for older woman to love and spoil in the Spokane, Washington area. Does anyone know of a dog in need of a forever home!

  3. Aw-w-w Rachel, what a sweetheart your Jack is and the perfect assistant! He can’t talk back, argue with the boss (I guess that might be debatable!), he can’t do just the jobs he wants and the best point of all, he works for “cookies on the dollar.” What fun you and Jack must have every day and, that he is the best looking assistant you could hire only adds to the office ambiance.

  4. Working at home: The longest commute in the world.

  5. What a handsome boy!

  6. The office supervisors are the best part of working from home!

  7. Monty is my furry executive assistant. I gave him that title after we got him as an older puppy.

  8. I love working at home too Jack!

    The best part is being with your shelties ALL DAY!

    Enjoy Rachel!

    … and yes Jack, it is OK to surf Sheltie Nation! ;)

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