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It is is a tough life. Truly.

Here is Lacey. She really has it tough. Such a spoiled baby.


For sure, Judy!

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  1. But Judy . . . Lacey is just doing her job! And it looks like she can do it with the best of them. Isn’t is wonderful the way we spoil our baby’s and what a beautiful baby she is. Lucky you Judy.

  2. What a pretty girl.Lacey is living the life of Riley.

  3. Isn’t awful how we treat our Sheltie’s so badly…. NOT!

  4. ohhhh. such an poor abused sheltie……

  5. Looks like she has things hard. I have one that sleeps just like that and it cracks me up. It’s so special that they can just relax and let it all hang out. Total trust!

  6. All worn out!! Love that baby girl!

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