Sheltie Nation

Thanks for the great bed, Dad!

Good thing the bed is already made!


(L to R: Ella, Storm and Castle.)

Time for a bigger bed, Clark? :)

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  1. Sheltie said are the best bed dogs!

  2. Omg…
    Time to go back to bed and take a nap!!!
    Wonderful to have three beautiful shelties to cuddle with!!!

    Lucky you Clark!

  3. I wonder where Dad will sleep now? What an adorable trio of Shelties!

  4. Looks like there is room on the bed to add more Shelties to the family ;)

  5. Rosalie G. Maye this is Michael , eh?

  6. What a lovely family! Of course they’re on the bed. Shelties love the softest, most cozy spot in the house. And who are we to deny them anything?

  7. That sure is one big bed full of beauty and love! I don’t know Clark, maybe if you ask real nice they will share their bed with you . . . or, maybe if they understand you’re the one that controls the cookies!

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