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Ball-a-holics Anonymous?

Do you suppose there is a Ball-a-holics Anonymous for Shelties?


Perhaps Scarlett does need a 12-step program, Helene! LOL

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  1. Scarlett actually has 7 of those vinyl play balls with which she loves to play soccer (would play all day long if she could). She kicks them with her paws & steers them with her head. She will even bop the ball off her nose if you throw it into the air. She also has countless tennis balls hiding under the furniture in the house; we use a “Chuck-It” outside to throw them because she is relentless & our shoulders don’t hold up.

  2. My parent’s Sheltie was like this. Rather play ball than be petted. Was on TV for his basketball skills! Rebounded for my Dad;-)

  3. That about sums in up in my house. If the outside balls get carried inside he panics when we go back out and heads straight for the door to go find one

  4. This cute pup looks like my Stitch

  5. Hey I need to know where my toys are at all times…just in case I want to play when I wake up LOLOL <3

  6. Sweet Scarlett dreaming of ball playing …
    Keep those balls close so they are ready for her to play with when she gets up!

  7. We know if there was a BAA for Shelties, there would be so many members, no one would be able to keep track! Helene, your Scarlett is just too cute and I suspect resting up for round 2!

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