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You need to get Scarlett some REAL sheep, Helene! ;)

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  1. This photo is cracking me up! I wonder what Scarlett is thinking.

  2. My Sheltie Edgar (RIP) LOVED a pink bunny!!

  3. What better kind of toy for a *Sheepdog*…than a *Pink Sheep* ROTFL LOLOLOL….especially if the Sheltie is a Girl <3

  4. Looks like a stare down contest to me, or the quite before the grab and run. Beautiful Girl!!

  5. Oh Scarlett, you beautiful girl, what does Pink Sheepie say???

  6. Love the look!

    Scarlett is thinking…. what do you expect me to do with this?

    It doesn’t even move!

  7. Scarlett’s expression seems to be saying, “What the heck am I supposed to do with this thing? This is just so-o-o beneath the Sheltie standards, or at the very least, below mine”!

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