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Close Encounters Of The Sqwerly Kind


Cheyenne and the squirrel look like they are having a nice chat, Marla. LOL

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  1. It’s all fun and games until the squirrel starts dropping black walnuts on the little dog. And yes, squirrels do drop black walnuts on Shelties. Ask me how I know.

  2. Sherry Schneider Phillips :)

  3. Noble loved to chase squirrels. Every evening @ 5:00 PM. Just like clockwork!

  4. I wonder if the chat is Cheyenne saying ‘Please come down here closer little squirrel’?

  5. That is really a cute picture, and this is the conversation I envision:

    Squirrel: (gauging distance from fence to tree) If I miss, I’m a dead “man”!
    Cheyenne: Go ahead, jump! Make my day!

    Sure hope everyone was able to continue with their day!

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