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Crossing Guards

Libby and Echo are ready to escort you!


They are so cute, Julie!

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  1. Best looking crossing guards I’ve seen lately…ROTFL LOLOLOLOL <3

  2. Well at least we know these two cuties will accompany/herd everyone across the street safely.

  3. Ha! a pair of bi blacks finally!! beautiful pups!!

  4. Ha! a pair of bi blacks finally!! beautiful pups!!

  5. Your shelties are beautiful. The sign is a hoot.

  6. Bi-Blacks Rule! They are so beautiful! They can help me cross the street anytime.

  7. Just like a sheltie… making sure their humans are safe!

    Love Libby and Echo expressions… too precious!

  8. What gorgeous furbaby’s Julie, they can escort me anywhere, anytime and of course all done with the signature Sheltie smile. I think I would even go out of my way just to get to use their service and I’m pretty sure I would be a very generous tipper!

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