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Do These Pantaloons Make My Butt Look Cuter?

Absolutely, Ranger!


So sassy, Mike!

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  1. Yes they do!! Our Ranger has them, too. ;-)

  2. LOL. The caption is too cute. So is the sheltie.

  3. They are the cutiest, just get tangled so easily..brush brush

  4. as do the beautiful eyes, and all the love, so yes you have a cute butt

  5. Of course Ranger, your pantaloons make you look so manly, and the over the shoulder look oh so sexy . . . you’ve got it going on! The fact that you are one handsome little devil also helps. What a little cutie Mike, lucky you!

  6. Those pantaloons make Shay’s butt look huge, she is a smaller sheltie, LOL

  7. I call them pantaloons, too when I’m brushing them out.

  8. Buttwings as we call them ð???

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