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Groggy Doggy

Noah enjoys a nap on his human’s easy chair.


Of course he get’s the chair right, Kelly? :)

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  1. One of my shelties snore, can’t believe how loud it is. But mommy loves them

  2. We Sheltie owners know that when there is a human, a sheltie and a recliner, the human will lose EVERY TIME! At least that’s the way it worked at my house! But like everyone else, I didn’t care, she was comfortable and that was all that mattered. Noah by the way, is one gorgeous little man and just too stinkin’ cute!!

  3. So very sweet!
    Noah is one beautiful sheltie!

  4. Love to watch them sleep. So sweet <3

  5. What a peaceful looking sleep. Doesn’t look like he has much to worry about in life. Sweet baby!

  6. This is Noah (No nose, or no-no), one of my two shelties. By the way — he snores, I do not know how that little nose can make such a load snore — but he does.

  7. We’ve all heard the expression that the most comfortable chair in the house belongs to the cat, but when there’s a Sheltie in the house that isn’t always true & where there is a Sheltie and a feline friend they often share ownership,

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