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Hey! Is That Your New Toy?

Deacon loves his Wubba!


Such a cutie, Beverly!

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  1. This is such a sweet photo!! Beautiful Sheltie

  2. thanks everyone. Deacon is 9 months old; a real sweetie. Loved his Wubba so much it is now destroyed; on to another one! Sullivan; he is definitely a character; very active and happy puppy. Love to play catch and run around the back yard.

  3. What a cutie! I’d love to play tug with Deacon.

  4. Such a beautiful/handsome Sheltie! Love the colors :)

  5. Deacon loves his wubba and I love Deacon.

  6. Deacon looks so proud of his new toy!
    What a handsome boy he is!
    He certainly looks like he wants hour attention to play!

  7. Look up drop dead gorgeous in the dictionary and this picture will pop up. Such a beautiful little love! From the eyes, Deacon looks like he is really a little character and lots of fun to spend time with. Lucky you Beverly, I think I’m jealous! An extra kiss and hug today from me please.

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