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The Bubble Dance!

Ollie leaps… while Dexter and Fergus think he’s crazy.bubbledance

So fun, Kerfuffle!

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  1. So cute ! Kelly loves chasing soap bubbles !..and the hose !
    What fun to watch all three going for them at once !

  2. Great action shot of a very silly Sheltie!

  3. So adorable! Might have to get out the bubbles now ;)

  4. Lol, how adorable! You go for it, Ollie!

  5. This is so cute..bubbles scare my boy isn’t into them but at least doesn’t go

  6. Looks like they are having such fun! Cute picture.

  7. Wow, what a fun action shot!
    Three beautiful shelties!

  8. Shake it up Ollie, twist and shout! What a great shot, gettin’ lots of air and hang time! Bubbles are so much fun, Dexter and Fergus will join in when they see how much fun they are missing out on. Beautiful baby’s Kerfuffle, always lots of fun at your house.

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