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Or would a better title be…”Framed?”


(This is Sprite – adopted from Michigan Sheltie Rescue in 2011.)
Such a comedian, Debbie!

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  1. Sprite is beautiful and I bet he knows it. Michigan Sheltie Rescue people are great. I have adopted twice through them.

  2. I love seeing a veteran of Michigan Sheltie Rescue! All the bestest Shelties in Michigan come from those wonderful folks. And Sprite is just adorable too.

  3. Sprite is such a cutie!!
    Love Michigan Sheltie Rescue… I have adopted several shelties from them.
    Great organization!

    Love that beautiful white sheltie ruff! So flashy!
    Enjoy … and many years of joy together.

  4. What a beautiful girl! I adopted my two from the Michigan Sheltie Rescue also.

  5. What a handsome little baby Sprite is, looks like you have lots of fun every day, wishing you many more with this little love.

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