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Two O’ Trouble

Dove and Jessie look like trouble wrapped up in cute floofiness!


These two are adorable, Warren!

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  1. Who can resist these sweet faces???

  2. What sweet little faces those two adorable baby’s have, how do you deny them anything Warren? LOL, my guess is you don’t!

  3. Warren, is Dove from Grand Gables/Apple Acres Indigo Dove?
    Dove looks like my angel Beetle that was Indigo Dove’s sister.

  4. Beautiful Shelties with sweet, attentive gazes. Perfection.

  5. What a beautiful pair! But I do bet they can come up with their share of trouble ;)

  6. Waiting for the next adventure…

  7. Oh my goodness… cuteness x2 for sure!!!!!!

    Dove and Jessie are so darn cute…

    How do you get anything done with those two staring at you like that?
    Maybe it is dinner time and they are giving you the four eyed stare?

  8. Very cute!!! ���

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