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Why do I hear the Jaws theme music?


Tjure swimming is a rare sight for all of us, Silke!

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  1. My first Sheltie hated water, or getting wet. He would not ever walk through a puddle. However, after it rained he would run around getting muddy, only to preen himself clean later.

  2. So awesome…Kelly will now go as far as her belly..and..that is it !!! And we live right on the lake !
    Our Shepherd we couldn,t keep out of the water…I even tried putting a life jacket on her and tried to ease her into swimming..Nope ! No dice Mom !

  3. Our Shelties don’t like walking through puddles! This is amazing.

  4. Because a *Sheltie* ALWAYS get their BALL…LOLOL <3

  5. How did you get him in the water? My Shelties hate getting wet.

  6. Because he is coming in with the ball and then shake the water off like a sprinkler! LOL!

  7. Because a sopping wet Sheepie dog is going to shake all over you xoxox

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