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Afternoon Nap?

No one can escape the sandman.


Chance looks comfy, Gloria!

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  1. This dog looks just like my Casey

  2. I have a 4 yeae old female sheltie named Amber. She goes to work with my husband daily.Love to hear from others. If we leave her in a room by herself to do something elsewhere she wails until someone shows up. Vet says she is not sick just does it to get attention. SPOILED ROTTEN Any one elses do this too??????

  3. Aw, he’s making me sleepy too! So cute.

  4. When the call to nap comes, one must obey. Good dog, Chance!

  5. He looks like a lion :)

  6. Mine are up in years and they take an early morning nap….late morning nap….longgggg afternoon nap….and the early evening nap. lol

  7. Chance has a look that says, “I just could not go one more step.” He is a very handsome boy Gloria, and I love his coat color and markings.

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