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How Do Shelties Sleep?

However they wanna!


Barney is a relaxed little pup, Yonathan!

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  1. On their back with their paws in the air.

  2. Barnie is all Sheltie with that sleeping pose! So cute.

  3. Yep mine too lol. She’s like a ball of fluff with feet

  4. Se lo ve tranquilo durmiendo, pero en una jaulita no…?

  5. It’s the “Sheltie Twist!” ????

  6. Now that is one relaxed pup!
    Super sweet!

  7. It has to be a Shelties thing!!! Every Shelties we have had enjoys this position. Love it �

  8. Mine does this all the time it’s so cute.

  9. This was a favorite position of my sweet Angel, Bambi. It always amazed me some of the positions she would get in, no dignity or shame!

  10. My little Midas sleeps like that. He is such a little angel after he has his little phase of being a mischief maker.

  11. Yup. Mine sleeps just like that :)

  12. Trick question! Shelties have too much energy to sleep =P

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