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How Much Do Shelties Love Belly Rubs?

Apparently a lot!

Halo says: “come cuddle with me!”


Teresa says she is sweet AND sassy!

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  1. When I brush my Casey , she rolls over to have her belly brushed too .

  2. Second only to food in my Ally’s book! She does a one foot toe point as well, looks very stylish.

  3. Beautiful! Letting it all hang out. Looks just like our little Maggie. She especially loves them right before she knows you are going to leave. Its a stalling tactic of sorts. Smart little girl. Shelties are amazing.

  4. To the end of the earth and back

  5. As much as we love giving them? What a sweetie!

  6. My Shanya sure does love her belly rubs and kisses lots and lots of them

  7. Atleast 4 times a day for mine! He loves them!

  8. Our Bella, loves them, then wants to play the bite the leg and tail game.

  9. Halo is asking so sweetly for her tummy rub.
    How could you resist THAT FACE!

  10. Even though we know modesty is NOT a Sheltie virtue,I would most certainly do hugs and cuddles with you. You are just too cute, in any position.

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