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I Am All Zenned Out With My Pillow …

but I’m sure Cooper would gladly cuddle with anyone who wants to join him.


Such a cutie, Denise!

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  1. Do all Shelties like to lay on your pillow? Ours does too!

  2. Very inviting! Tempting to stay in bed all day with this cutie!

  3. So cute..when you see them like can’t help but wonder what they are thinking

  4. Such a look of pure contentment. I’m thinking he has a pretty good life. Cute picture.

  5. Cooper is one adorable pup…
    Who would not want to cuddle up him?

    I sure would with such as sweet face!

  6. Poor baby looks so lonesome, so soulful and so thoughtful! With his own body pillow and fan, looks like a cuddle buddy is all it would take to complete this picture. Sweet little Cooper, I’d gladly cuddle with you.

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