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It’s raining its pouring…

Shelby says: “Can I get a towel please?”

shelbyrainAwe he is still cute, Julia!

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  1. Poor Shelby! Well, at least it wasn’t a FULL BATH!

    A rub down with a towel is in your future Shelby!

  2. Shelby is so cute! I wonder if she runs around like a maniac after being toweled off from rain like our do? They act like they just got out of the tub.

  3. Please send some of that our way! We are cooking here in B.C. They look so funny when they are wet.

  4. Aw-w-w Julia, such a sweet, sweet little face your little Shelby has and I have no doubt that he will try with all his might to use that towel. He is certainly smart enough, now if I just had opposable thumbs.

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