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Kansas City Rescue: Hutch

Hutch, along with 10 other Shelties from the hoarder rescue, are being fostered by Kansas City Sheltie Rescue and are available for adoption. They are all flourishing, enjoying life and will soon be ready for their ‘fur’ever homes!


Look at this cute face! Interested?

Contact them!hutch2

Hugs for all you do, Debbie!

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  1. Jen Doering, that’s your new dog

  2. So sweet! Looks like Papillon ears!

  3. Oh my gosh, how utterly adorable! Love those ears! Bless your rescue for taking these sweet shelties in. Keep us posted on their journey to forever homes!

  4. SOOO SUPER CUTE is little Hutch!

    Thank YOU Kansas City Rescue for saving these 11 shelties from a hoarder!
    We know you will find then the BEST homes for them.

    Opening your hearts and homes to a rescue sheltie is a gift for both adopter and sheltie! Hope they get their forever homes soon so they can get the loving life they need and deserve!

  5. What a little doll baby, such a sweet little face, just look how inquisitive those little eyes are! Don’t worry pretty baby, you will grow into those ears, right now they just give you a uniqueness all your own. KUDO’S to you Debbie and all the other rescuers and fosterers for finally giving these beautiful little souls a good start to great new lives.

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