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Monday, Monday

Not even a Monday is enough to keep Aimee from smiling!


Wish I could say the same for myself, Victoria! ;)

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  1. What a sweet face for Monday!

  2. Now that’s a beautiful Sheltie smile!

  3. Looks like such a happy Sheltie! Cute pic.

  4. Look at those bright eyes in such a beautiful face. Aimee is a lucky girl.

  5. Sheltie faces are the best!!

  6. Love those shelie smiles and Aimee’s is no exception!
    Happy Monday Aimee!

  7. What a pretty smile and just look into beautiful little brown soulful eyes, you will fall to the depths of little Aimee’s heart and then, gotcha! Trapped for life and what a great trap to get caught in, lucky you Victoria!

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