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Official Cupcake Protector!


I’m not convinced that is what Bentley is really thinking, Kristen! :)

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  1. “You are under my spell. You will float down to me, very quietly, and one at a time, into my mouth. You are under my spell. You will float down to me…”

  2. WOW, what a stunning sheltie Bentley is!

    I know he is a great guard dog, even if it is only for a taste of those cupcakes!

  3. Oh my goodness Kristen, just look at that smoke being generated by all that Sheltie brain power and I can almost see him salivating all the way down here in Florida! Bentley is being such a good boy by not touching but if he could THINK one of those cupcakes off that table, he sure would be a happy camper!

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