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She’s singinnnngg in the rain?

Nah, looks more like Bella is sulking in the raincoat!


Awe, Melissa!

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  1. Thats my Bella=)! She doesnt adore it but the pic was just too cute!!! Its the jacket or I’m drying her fur with the hair dryer, lol!

  2. Aimee hates her raincoat – so, I bought her a dog umbrella at a rescue auction. What was I thinking? She hates that even more. She is threatening to run away from home now. In my defense, I thought someone else would put in a higher bid but I guess they were all smarter than me. ;-)

  3. Hey!!! That’s MY raincoat!!! I don’t want to be walking out in the rain and see another sheltie dressed just like me. :-( I thought mine was a fashion “original” -Aimee

  4. Five seconds after this pic was snapped, the raincoat was shaken off by one annoyed, adorable Sheltie! Unless the coat was for a walk, in which case, it came off the second they came home from the walk. Walkies take precedence over silly coats. So cute, love the expression.

  5. He’s not looking so happy about it!

  6. Look at that poor sad little face, Bella appears to be saying, Mom, are you REALLY going to make me go out looking like this? All the other puppies in the neighborhood are gonna laugh at me!

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