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A Wise, Wise Smile

Mr Chance is 13 this year and slowing down considerably. We just take short walks now and he sleeps a lot. Yet. I just can not imagine my life without him. He is, the love of my life!
chancesmile2He is a Sheltie Nation celebrity for sure, Gloria! <3

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  1. Mr. Chance is certainly a very happy Sheltie. I hope you and he have lots of loving time to come. God willing, he will be with you a long, long time still. Hugs and kisses to Chance.

  2. He is beautiful.
    I feel the same way about mine. He is everything to me!

  3. Oh how I LOVE seniors! And what a beautiful smile this sweet boy has. Enjoy every minute with him!

  4. They just get cuter as they age! What a handsome gentleman!

  5. Im sorry, the autocorrection misspelled his name! Chance!!

  6. Gloria, he is beautiful! I lost my beloved Jack on Friday, Aug. 7 at eight years. He looked like Chases’s younger brother …. I envy your time with him! You are so very lucky! Hug him for me.

    • Oh Ann, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear sheltie Jack.
      I know I am lucky… you are so correct.

      I will give him a big hug and kiss from you.

  7. Look at that sweet, adorable little senior face, he looks like a little teddy bear, and like you Gloria, although I may not personally know your sweet Mr. Chance, I love this little furbaby. He is just dignified beyond words.

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