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Hannah has some serious athletic prowess!


She really does love her ball, Brian!

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  1. We can’t believe the acrobats our sheltie does, we call her a circus

  2. Love this shot of a Sheltie in action! Hannah has real ball skills, and is so very pretty as she makes the leap for a catch.

  3. What a great action shot of your gorgeous little girl and as always with the breed, totally focused and so intent on her target. WTG Hannah!

  4. Rhen M this almost looks like Jet!

  5. WOW!!!

  6. WOW! I’ve never seen an aerodynamic sheltie before! Amazing!

  7. Now that is some action shot!
    Amazing how well Hannah is concentrating on catching that ball!

    Good job Hannah! The dogie Olympics are in your future!

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