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Happy Day!

Scarlett is an eleven year old Sheltie girl who loves life in a big way!


For sure, Helene!

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  1. What a sweetie! May she have many more years to “love life!” :-)

  2. When I saw the picture I thought “what a cute puppy”
    – Then I saw your text – eleven years – inconceivably :-)

  3. Oh Scarlett, you are such a beauty… and graceful too!

  4. Love this photo! My 13 year old still runs and chases her stick, too. Love seeing the seniors so active.

  5. Scarlett is a beautiful girl. She is running good and enjoying every minute. What a beautiful path to run on.

  6. My goodness! Just look at this little senior beauty high steppin’ it down the trail. With the wind in her face, the sun at her back and the most beautiful Sheltie smile she could muster, this baby is lovin life. How lucky you are Helene to be sharing your life and home with this baby.

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