Sheltie Nation

Long, Long Ago….

….in a backyard far, far away…


Beau is reading to you, George? ;)

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  1. What an amazing expression he has. It truly does look like he is reading. His eyes get me, absolutely gorgeous. I hope his story turns out like he wishes it to. Beautiful boy!

  2. Thank you Beau, I LOVE a good bedtime story, add to that the fact that the story teller is absolutely adorable and you’ve got my full attention! Another Sheltie with the total package does it for me again . . . the head tilt, tipped ears and the most soulful little eyes had me from the beginning.

  3. “There was a beautiful Sheltie named Beau who met a mean squirrel. He barked & barked at the bad squirrel…”

    well, that’s how the story would read in my house anyway. What a cutie Beau is!

  4. WOW, what a lovely expression Beau has.
    You can see the sweetness in that face!

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