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No Bark!

LeLe, you must bark softy!


Did it work, Beezy? ;)

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  1. that not funny i dont like that

  2. Sometimes it feels like we need this, with two shelties they are yip and yap.

  3. I am with Ginger–I don’t like this either. Shelties are our loyal protectors as well as family members. Dogs do need to bark. Just don’t bark extensively and irritate every neighbor.

  4. Someone doesn’t look very happy lol. I bet that toy was shaken off mere seconds after this pic was snapped! What a cutie.

  5. Doesn’t work – our guys know how to take it off!

  6. My doggy would not let that stay long enough for a picture….and boy would I hear about it. lol

  7. Might be good for ex-husbands.

  8. LeLe is adorable, but I’m pretty sure I am detecting a pretty strong case of stink eye here Beezy, and I’m also pretty sure with all that Sheltie brain power, you might not want to know what LeLe is thinking right now!

  9. Aw, poor baby doesn’t need a sound muffler.

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