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Ready For A Road Trip

Dylan, Ginger and Misty are all dressed up and ready to hit the road.


Welcome to Sheltie Nation, Doug! :)

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  1. What a striking trio!! They are all beautiful. I love the scarves. Mine always new we were going camping when the scarves went on. I hope they enjoyed the trip

  2. WAHOO Doug! This is what I call the Sheltie Trifecta, one of each color and everyone just so beautiful and looking so suave and dapper in their kerchiefs. Thanks for sharing your family of furkids.

  3. Absolutely fantastic trio :-)

  4. Safe travels Dylan, Ginger and Misty and Doug.

    You have one beautiful pack if shelties!

    One in every color!

  5. The one in the middle looks just like my Casey

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