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We Know THAT Look!

Why, that’s Disapproving Side-Eye, that’s what THAT is!


Ben is a ham, Chase! :)

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  1. I just love that look my dog Sassy use to give me the same look all the time

  2. Shelties are so expressive. Love those eyes!

  3. Lol, Little Red Riding Sheltie!

  4. I love that look as well…and even more when he knows he did something wrong and its a guilty look! Lol…always melts me tho and keeps Syd from time-out : )

  5. I love that look. He looks like our Bentley boo.

  6. Oh boy, do we ever �❤️

  7. My goodness, that is oh so Sheltie! Who among us has not had that look at one time or the other? And we laugh every time because they are just too adorable for words! What I always say is, although we can get “the look”, thank Heaven they don’t have an actual speaking voice!

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