Sheltie Nation

We. Want. To. Come. In. NOW.

Logan and Shelby are hungry!


If only they had thumbs, Valerie!

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  1. I love the tongue that is your hint that Logan’s tummy clock has gone off. Shelby has a look of “what Logan says” My Cassidy would smack his lips at dinner time.

  2. I know that look…our two will bark — Dory “screams” (she has a high shrill bark), when she wants in.

  3. Shelties: not known for their subtlety lol!

  4. Logan and Shelby are two good looking shelties!
    Love both of their coloring!

    Of course they want in to be with their mom!

  5. What a cute picture! Little Shelby looks like he is watching for his human to come open the door, and little Logan looks like maybe he is watching his dinner being prepared and is already in anticipation of the meal! Both are really adorable, it must be fun to be in your household Valerie.

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