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World Cup Material Here, For Sure!

Tundra looks like he is ready to take on all comers!


Handsome man, Rhalden!

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  1. Sheltie pride!

  2. Tundra just looks the part that says, OH YEAH!! I’m that good, look close ’cause all your going to see is the dust where I been.” Handsome fella Rhalden, I imagine lots of Sheltie fun at your house.

  3. Stunningly beautiful!! It’s like she’s won the trophy! A great shot!

  4. I rarely use this expression when talking about shelties, but “it looks like a miniature collie!”

  5. Tundra looks so regal!

  6. Wow, Tundra is one handsome young guy! I bet he’s quick as a whippet too!

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