Sheltie Nation

Forecast Calls for Sun And Wind

It’s just a wild guess.


(L to R: Misty, Jazz, Maysie-Mae, Molly, Halo and Midnight.)

Quite a crew, Steve and Di!

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  1. How can that get any sweeter? Oh those Shelties, such love bugs

  2. Now that was the best way to begin my day!!!

    What a lovely bunch of shelties.

    They are so sweet standing together patiently wait for the treat they can expect after a successful ‘stand and stay’ command!

    Steve and Di, you are such lucky owners…

  3. I love this picture of all your furbaby’s, but I especially love that you can see the different personalities on each individual face. I’m guessing that you NEVER have a dull moment at the Steve and Di house, and I’m further guessing that you NEVER run out of Sheltie shenanigans.

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