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Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy 8th Kobe! May your year be as sweet as your cake!


What’s a party without friends?

So Chester is there to help Kobe celebrate!


Much loved puppies, Margaret! :)

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  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE this! Where did you get the candle and dog? Happy Birthday to Kobe! Definitely loved <3

  2. Most awesome cake ever!!! Now my guys will want one. Sigh.

  3. Happy 8th birthday Kobe!

    You look so sweet in your party hat!!!
    As you admire your cake, I know you are ready yo dig in.
    Chester is going to help you polish off your cake too!

    Margret, you are one great sheltie mom!
    Love the cake… Especially the tiny sheltie on top!

  4. Glad to see we aren’t the only crazies out there. :)

  5. Nicky, The Grateful Dog Bakery in Ohio made Kobe’s cake. They are great! All natural, no preservatives.

  6. Happy birthday to a gorgeous boy! And kudos to the cake baker, that is an amazing cake.

  7. Happy Birthday sweet little Kobe! We almost got to share, my birthday was yesterday the 26th and I was . . . slightly older than you! Hope your day was as good as mine!

  8. Sue Rose where do we acquire this cake for baileys birthday

  9. Feliz!! Cumpleaños!!! Bebé….

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