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Barkley and Brooklyn are chilling at the Fairmont.

They give it two paws up!


And where will you sit, Rick? ;)

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  1. Most beautiful guests in the place. Treat them like royalty!

  2. Now where is that room service? Theses two beauties are expecting a tray of freshly baked biscuits, Pupsicles, and a bowl of pupcorn for dessert.

    They should be used in advertising for the Fairmont, Shelties are very discerning in their hotel choices.

  3. Look at these two beauties living the life of Riley! Nothing but the best for our furbabies, right Rick?

  4. My chair is better than your chair…So there…..

  5. OMGosh, this looks like my Katie & Stanley. They were the best little furbabies ever :-)

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