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Sorry, This Hat Is Taken

Wait, what?

You wanted the chair?


Benji looks adorable, Lisha!

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  1. Sooo cute. I have a baby one, with 64 days, a girl called Mel. I made a page for her, if someone want to like it, we live on Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

  2. LOL, you look SO dashing in that hat, sweet boy!

  3. Benji looks like a true cowboy. He must like hats he face says he doesn’t mind. I have a sheltie therapy dog she wears hats to see everyone it is a big hit where ever we go.

  4. Benji was just reserving the seat for you Lisha!
    Such a sweet face!

  5. What a little sweetheart Benji is. He is saying OK, I put on the silly hat and sat for you so you could show me off to SN, now, please take this hat off and I will take my cookie now please.

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