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Hold Still For Your Portrait

Alllllllright…just one more second….hold stilllll…and……perfect!


Bokeh is so lovely and sweet, Vicky!

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  1. Love the all Goldie brown face…..

  2. STUNNING!! I sure wish Jakey would pose for me like that.

    I’m guessing this must be the photographer’s canine companion because “Bokkeh” is a term for “the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.”

  3. Such a beautiful baby. Love the look in the eyes.

  4. What a stunning image of Bokeh!
    Wonderful expression and lovely hearts in the background…
    What’s not to love …

  5. Vicky, Beautiful photography and gorgeous pup!

  6. Such a beautiful picture of such a beautiful baby. I love those cute little tipped ears and oh my goodness, those eyes! So intense but of so warm, wouldn’t you love to know that thoughts are going on in the little brain?

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