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I no sooner put the last nail in the 1st section of our new deck when the ” girls ” decided …

“We like this deck you built for us dad!”


Left to right: Lucy , Phoebe the Golden (honorary Sheltie), and Remmie.

The Shelties are rescues from NJ Sheltie Rescue.

Hugs for adopting, Laura and Walt!

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  1. Sheltie and any other four legged approval is a must for these kinds of projects. Thank you for rescuing these beautiful babies.??????

  2. They’re ensuring a quality job is done. Good work Shelties! time for a rest on the new deck.

  3. Sheltie approval is a must for any home project!

  4. Oh boy! The backup team, “The Straw Boss’ ” finally arrived, maybe now Walt can take a break! What a gorgeous group of furbabys Laura and Walt. Congratulations on the rescues of those two adorable little cuties! Beautiful “little” Phoebe says I’ll just squeeze right in here in the middle and I’ll just blend in with the crowd. Fun, fun, fun in happiness house!

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