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Pumpkin Chewy?

Oh little Sprite, I’m not so sure about that!


She is a cutie, Ann!

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  1. Too cute for words. Love the ” I was just sniffing the stem” look on her face.

  2. Lovely puppy! She is just beautiful, you are lucky to have her.

  3. Cutest picture ever. My new desktop background! Love it!

  4. Sprite is just too cute! Nomming on the pumpkin, maybe she’d like it better if it were cooked, pureed and baked into a yummy treat lol. She’s going to grow into a gorgeous Sheltie.

  5. Little Sprite looks like she is testing mom’s reaction to see if she will OK pumpkin stem chewing!

    Her name certainly suits her! What a cutie too!

    She certainly has the head tilt… ‘am I cute?’ look down!!!!!

    Lucky you Ann!

  6. What a little doll baby. I sure hope she doesn’t get a good bite into that stem, I’m guessing that might be pretty bitter, but one the other hand, might be a good lesson learned early that we don’t get to have everything we want just because we want it!

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