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Stair Master

Picnik is thinking really hard about this.


Something all Shelties must work out for themselves, Mike!

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  1. What a little cutie! Look how much fun it is going to be at your house?

  2. In a few weeks he’ll be following you up and down those stairs :)

  3. Yipes, now what do I do!

  4. One step (or stair) at a time, little one…so ADORABLE!

  5. That brings back memories from many years ago with our first sheltie who was a sable as well. So sweet�

  6. I remember that same look our little Sheltie pup gave us when she climbed almost to the top of the stairs and looked back down in horror. Mom, help me!

  7. Awww. My baby is 11. It just seems like yesterday that he was this size. So sweet.

  8. come to my house little one you are beautiful x

  9. Oh, the sweet little one. It must look so high when you’re so little! :)

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