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A Cute Recovery

Solo is recovering from a cancer operation on his front leg.

Playing again, at last!


Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Sophie!

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  1. What a sweetie! Sending hugs and best wishes.

  2. Get better every day, sweet Solo. I am very glad to hear you are doing so well already. I hope you and your folks have many years of love ahead.

  3. What a sweet little face, you are so handsome. Sending you wishes for a pain free, speedy and complete recovery.

  4. Continued good thoughts for you in your recovery, sweetie!

  5. Solo is one handsome boy! Glad he’s recovering nicely from surgery.

  6. What a lovely face Solo has! Such a warm and friendly sheltie smile!

    Prayers coming your way Sophie for your special sheltie Solo!

  7. Lots of prayers for a speedy recovery. Solo, you are adorable â?¥

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