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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Panda says: “Wait a minute, isn’t Halloween long gone?”


Oh Lisa, get the cookies! Such a look!

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  1. It was so much fun to dress him up in little things, because, although he initially wasn’t thrilled about wearing things, he ADORED all the lavish praise I gave him when he did, and when I took them off, he excitedly sniffed them, followed where they went, and was very attentive, wanting more!

  2. Oh my gosh! Such a sweetheart! You are soo cute!!

  3. Poor Panda! Well, at least you’re guaranteed extra cookies for this, and you do look adorable in your wig.

  4. Poor Panda . . . I feel your pain!! Lisa, you better get the ice cream cone, I don’t think a cookie is going to get it!! Just keep telling Panda what an adorable little Sheltie he is and you might get back in good graces!

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