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Not Terribly Motivated

Shakespeare is D-O-N-E with his walk.

sheltie-done-walkI guess he told you, Lana!

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  1. I’ve had more than one sit down strike during a walk.

  2. My 8 year old Sheltie, Blake, did exactly that today halfway through our walk…

  3. My Stella does that when she gets scared on walks. She’ll just plop down.

  4. Shakespeare needs a break from his busy day. Maybe he’s listening to hear if the cavalry is coming?

  5. Shelley Flaker Wilson this is what Tara would do now

  6. Kimbetley, just modify an old baby stroller, my 12 year old loves his!

  7. You gotta take your naps where you can get ’em â?¥ Look at the cute Sheltie feet!!

  8. We’ve known all along that our sweet little fur baby’s don’t need an actual speaking voice. They have the perfect body language, the stink eye and more than enough barks to say what is on their minds in order to get their own ways. But I do believe that Shakespeare has taken “Sheltie Speak” to a whole new level! And I gotta tell ya . . . that is just too stinkin’ funny!

  9. Lol, mine does the same thing. I was thinking about getting a doggy stroller so I could walk farther.

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