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The Hills Are Alive…

with the sounds of barking.


The Eifel (Belgium) looks like such a beautiful place, Wulle!

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  1. Karol Vindas quiero ver a kero corriendo así <3

  2. That is one VERY happy Sheltie and beautiful place! Love seeing shelties from different parts of the world!

  3. Absolutely, positively stunning, both dog and scenery! My 3 girls would LOVE to run up that hill!!

  4. Beautiful scenery, beautiful Sheltie!

  5. What a beautiful photo, and great expression captured on the dog’s face!!

  6. Oh the beautiful sound of Shelties! My ears are ringing! :)

  7. Certainly is Sheltie HEAVEN!
    Spectacular action shot!
    You can certainly see the sheer joy in that face!

    Me and my boys are all very jealous…

  8. WOW! Max is very handsome little fella and just look at all of the magnificence he gets to call home.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous photo! Beautiful dog, beautiful countryside. You simply couldn’t ask for a better combination.

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