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This Shoe Wuz Made For Sleeping

…and that’s just what JW will do!!


Such a cutie, Wylie!

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  1. Such a sweet baby. Not a care in the world. Maybe the only thing that would upset this little one is if someone took the sneakers away. Too cute for words.

  2. All the Sheltie babies that we have owned prefer old tennis shoes.

  3. that shoe has his people’s funky smelly on it, just the perfume she needed to go to sleep by

  4. Great, now I want to go back to sleep. Is JW available to cuddle me to sleep please? What a cutie!

  5. AWWWWWW….

  6. So sweet ! We have one Handsome Sheltie

  7. What a beautiful baby! Reminds me of my little girl.

  8. Such a cutie, our little babies will make a pillow out of anything that suits them! I love JW’s soft coat color and love those cute little tipped ears.

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