Sheltie Nation

Upside-down or right-side up

Shelties are equally as fuzzy!


I’s a ruff life, Jackie! ;)

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  1. My Kenzie sleeps like this as well

  2. What a beautiful fur baby, no better compliment from our BFF’s than to show this complete and total trust.

  3. We call this the “Sheltie Rug” at our house when our Sheltie Dougie MacLean does this. Loves having his belly rubbed & scratched.

  4. Upside down, mine does this all the time.

  5. What a cutie! Either way is right side up to me.

  6. I loved when my Teddy Bear sleeps that way. It was hilarious to see him sleep that way.

  7. I love when my Nicky sleeps that way. So cute.

  8. My Casey sleeps the same way, it .must be cmfortable

  9. That’s exactly how Oscar sleeps.

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