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This Little Light of Mine

Who says Shelties don’t glow?

Bioluminescence tells me so. :)


Such a lovely image of Bella, Karen!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting her picture!

  2. She is my constant companion until Daddy comes home! She’s a 5 year old Mahogany Sheltie and her full name is Annabella Scott MacGregor which is another story.

  3. Bella is one beautiful shetlie!
    LOVE this shot – captures the soul of Bella!


  4. Beautiful! Love those almond eyes!

  5. Bella is the perfect name for this beauty. She looks like a wise soul.

  6. Such an absolutely breathtaking photo of Bella. Again with those beautiful little soulful eyes. What a sweetheart you are sharing your life with Karen.

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