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Santa’s Little Hellion?

Tess’s first visit to see the jolly fat man. What did she ask for? Treats, of course!


She is so cute, Ken!

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  1. That is just the cutest little face ever. Nothing like a Sheltie’s eyes. They are so full of expression.

  2. I dont think they can do anything wrong, just be beautiful and she is

  3. Shelties always seem to be smiling, don’t they!

  4. What super cute little girl, I am willing to bet she is super fun all year round, her Sheltie smile is just perfect.

  5. omg that is one seriously CUTE Sheltie! I hope Tess told Santa everything on her list this year.

    Also, that is the nicest background I’ve seen for Santa photos.

  6. The look on Tess’s face says it all. She knows she is special to be able to sit on Santa’s lap and have a hat to match. Such a debonair look with her hat to the side over one ear.

  7. Oh I got such a grin on my face when I saw Scotland’s Littlest Hellion, Tess, on Sheltie Nation! She keeps her daddy, Ken, on his toes and all of us who know her with smiles on our faces.

  8. This may possibly be the cutest Sheltie with Santa picture I have ever seen.

  9. OMG, could Tess be any cuter? That hat and her smile makes the shot!
    That is one great looking Santa too!

  10. What a sweet picture of your beautiful little girl. Tess is adorable and I love that gorgeous Sheltie smile and also love the cocky little tilt of the hat!

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