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Christmas Never Looked So Sheltie!

Elliot and Lucy are looking festive.


A perfect holiday photo, Donna and Brent!

Photo by Ashley McGinnis.

Who needs presents under the tree when we have Bentley?


Good point, Kristen. Every tree should have a Bentley. ;)

Shea has been very patiently waiting for Santa.

shea-sheltie-xmasHappy Holidays, Jenni!

Noah will play backup if Santa is late!

noah-santa-hatHappy Holidays Ellen!

Nathan get’s his first sleigh ride.

shelties-christmas-sleighYet more Christmas cheer, Janea! Too cute!

Maybe next year Santa will ask Lola to guide his sleigh?


Thank you Lisa!

Misti says: “I tried to be nice Santa … please bring me cookies?”


I bet she was very good this year, Robin!

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  1. To each and every sheltie pictured here, I want to thank you for submitting such great images the the best, friendliest, sweet faces to warm our hearts this Christmas 2015! Bless you one and all!

  2. What a beautiful pair of Shelties, I would bet Santa would spoil the to pieces.

  3. Elliot and Lucy are so cute! This would make a great holiday card.

  4. They are all so adorable. My old guy is the sweetest.

  5. Cute dogs. You could dress your dog is up and post a Christmas pooch.

  6. I can’t imagine any ONE of these sweet looking little Angels being naughty! So Santa Paws needs to fulfill every wish they have.


    MERRY HO-HO-HO! – I also hope all of your wishes are fulfill as well.


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